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Friday, July 29, 2011

Samsung Scholarships GSP for MBA Students

Samsung Scholarships GSP for MBA students

The Samsung Group, world leader in the area of information technology shows great awareness towards talented students with strong business ethics, leadership skills and career objective. These traits of bright students are vital to create ideas, to formulate vision and bring them into reality, as well as to shape future business and build successful organizations. Because of these significant facts, Samsung group gives exceptional emphasis on the employment of specialists holding MBA degrees from best Russian universities in various areas of business administration (economy, marketing, finance and decision making), and it also provides a unique Samsung scholarship GSP for MBA students. The global scholarship program at the Sungkyunkwan University widens the horizons of talented personnel, deepens their knowledge and later after successful completion of the course joins the Samsung Group. 

The main aim behind offering scholarship to MBA students is to develop future Samsung leaders. The MBA program is fully conducted at the Samsung Graduate School of Business (GSB) of the Sungkyunkwan University. Samsung Graduate School of Business (GSB) is newly formed in the strategic alliance with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Sloan School of Management. The students succeeded to grasp the scholarship for them Samsung group pay entire educational expenses, which covers tuition, admission and registration fees for entire semesters. Moreover, each GSP students is entitled to receive scholarship of around USD 800 per month. After successful completion of MBA course and receiving the MBA degree, GSP member is given an opportunity to work for Samsung in South Korea for a period of two years and later in Russia for the subsequent two years.

Samsung scholarship GSP for MBA students covers all tuition expenses, Monthly living expenses, dormitory support for living, two-sponsored trip to his or her mother country and one trip to Korea during the MBA course. Samsung also provides medical insurance to the students. 

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