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Friday, July 22, 2011

The Shantanu Tomar Scholarships

The Shantanu Tomar Scholarships

The Shantanu Tomar Scholarship is created in the memory of Shantanu Singh Tomar. He was bright young passionate lawyer. In August 2009, Shantanu Singh Tomar suddenly fallen ill with Malaria and despite of best efforts of eminent doctors and medical professionals and prayers he received from around the world he passed away at a very young age of just 25. 

Most of the work is conducted from the institute in the area of research on vector borne diseases, especially Malaria in India, which has taken the life of Shantanu Tomar. In the country Malaria seems to be very normal diseases although it has extremely high mortality rate if not diagnosed at the initial stage.  As the disease is not easy to diagnose, risk can be avoided if people in high-density areas are alert and aware of the consequence.
In the fond memory of Shantanu Tomar, family members initiated work in the field of education, especially for the students of law; they started providing scholarships and awards from 2010 onwards.

The Shantanu Tomar scholarship program has been introduced in association with Symbiosis law school, Pune and it is open to all final year students of BBA/BA LLB courses in the next year academic year 2011-12.  Only one student will receive this scholarship based on all round excellence demonstration during first four years of the course. Features of the scholarship program are available on symbiosis website. 

Entire students of symbiosis law school are eligible to take part on this scholarship program. The frequency of the program is annual and each year one student is chosen for the scholarship and given cash reward of Rs 21000.  

The panel measures all round excellence of students, performance in the college from 1st semester, sports, extracurricular activities, published papers, internships, strength of application essay and overall achievement. The panel interviews top five students and winner of the scholarship is declared on the law day function of Symbiosis law school.  

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