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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Nestle Scholarship for Young Business Managers for MBA students in India

Nestle Scholarships for Young Business Managers for MBA students in India

Nestle and IMD started together to award scholarship for young Business manager for MBA students.  IMD and Nestle is encouraging gifted female’s executives to apply for its annual Nestle Scholarship, which offers CHF 25000 towards the cost of the school’s prestigious MBA program. Like nestle, IMD too strongly believes that there must be more females in management and one way they can assist is by giving more females a chance to study management from top B-schools of the world. The criteria for the scholarship include both financial need and outstanding academic record. 

In the year 1996, Nestle MBA scholarship was established after a team of females MBAs from the class of 1995 done a project called “changing the shape of Business” and then Nestle happily agreed to fund the scholarship.  It always makes a great difference when a major company such as Nestle sponsors the MBA programme. Nestle realizes that they does not have enough females in the top management positions as it would like, but Nestle were committed to change those balance through initiating programs such as this as well as its gender diversity program. 

Nestle Scholarship for Young Business Managers for MBA students is open for every female candidate from around the world and preference is always given to those female candidate who come from the developing countries. IMD is committed to raise the number of eligible female who benefit from its various financial assistance so elite panel from IMD and Nestle are concentrating on candidates who will not be receiving any other such scholarships. 

Every year only one student is selected under the scholarship program and the scholar would be entitle to receive amount CHF 25,000. Any student from around the globe can apply for the scholarship. However, women working at Nestle and their family members are not eligible to apply for the scholarship. 

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