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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Sushilhari International Residential School Offers 50 Lakhs Scholarship India

Sushilhari International Residential School Offers 50 Lakhs Scholarship India

Sushilhari international residential school at Kelambakkam is satisfying educational needs of children from the past six years and it is open for anyone who wishes to be the part of the school. Students of the school learn to love what they study and there is no stress at all of any exam or homework. The school is situated in an ambience that motivates the children to love studies and it is well equipped with state of art features of eastern values and western progressive techniques. Sushilhari International Residential School is working to improve overall personality of the child. The school follows highly interactive technique of education with more video presentation and less examinations and homework. After completing education from the school, students came out not just with academic knowledge but also with many other arts like Dance, Instruments and Music and extra activities like mason work, swimming, horse riding, Veda, yoga insurance transactions and day-to-day banking etc that are required for day to day living. 

The school provides education more on holistic ground than only academic front. The child becomes confident once come out of Sushilhari International Residential School. Sushilhari International Residential School has undertaken to provide merit scholarship for deserving students of classes IX, X, XI, and XII. The scholarship amount includes tuition fees, accommodation, food, uniform and books. IX and X are under C.B.S.E pattern while XI and XII are under state board pattern. 

Students who passed their previous class with 95 percent or more qualify for the scholarship irrespective of caste, creed, economic condition or religion. Qualifying students need to appear for the entrance examination, walk in interview that is conducted on a predefined schedule. Students from all over the country can take advantage of this scholarship. The eligibility to appear to take the test, student must score 80 percent or more in the previous class. 

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